The first lockdown was VERY hard but this lockdown in my opinion is kind of harder. I had to go home early because there was a case of COVID-19 in my class. Everyone was sad and happy at the same time because we didn’t have to wake up at 6:30am every morning from now on. I remember one of the boys cried because the person who got COVID is his best friend.

Home-schooling is not easy because it’s not the same as being in school. We still have the same subjects and everything but it’s harder to do them because we aren’t learning with the class in the same room and our teacher isn’t with us, so we can’t ask a question or ask for help if our parents don’t understand it. Now, we have zoom meetings every day with our teacher to talk about what we have been doing and if the work was ok.

I haven’t seen my friends for over a month, and I miss them a lot, but at least I get to see them every day on the zoom meeting. One of the things that makes the whole lockdown positive is that I get to go out either to the shop or for a walk with my mum every day. It just makes the day less longer than it seems, and it also makes me not stay in the house all day every day. I also go to my nan’s house everyday to do work and she helps me if I don’t understand.

My name is Niah I am 10 years old and I go to Hackney Wick Church.

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